One comment on “My Problem with “Universal Background Checks”

  1. The most popular argument against guns at the moment, I’ve noticed, is the demand for not allowing mentally unhealthy individuals to purchase firearms. There is a fine, UNDETERMINED line between mentally healthy and mentally unhealthy. As the symptoms of mental disorders become more broad, more individuals are considered affected by them. What we tend to forget is that humans have mood swings based on interacting positively or negatively with their environment by default. A day can be made or ruined by simple instances such as a weather, diet, or sexuality. Alaska has the highest suicide rate in the country (21.8), and Greenland has the highest suicide rate in the world (83). Why? Frankly, the weather is absolutely terrible.

    By the broad generalizations of mental disorders, the government can decide to eliminate more individuals from purchasing firearms. When the parameters extend, it affects more people. An individual who shows distrust in others may be labeled as “schizophrenic” and barred from purchasing. An individual who avoids contact with other people may be labeled as “depressed” and barred from purchasing. Of course when it fails to stop gun crimes, the government will call for more regulation on who can and cannot purchase firearms, like those tried of infractions or misdemeanors.

    This is essentially the tip of the iceberg of gun restrictions that is coming to America, and don’t EVEN let me get started on the infringement of doctor-patient confidentiality! There is a reason why it exists.

    No, I don’t like the fact that people use guns to kill other people. I live in a violent town, and there are high school kids shooting each other on the streets just to defend their drug-dealing turf every single night. I had a friend who was shot to death in a drive-by while getting his hair cut in his garage. A 6-year-old boy was killed here by a stray bullet that went through a wall not too long ago. My friend’s mother just barely survived a shooting that took place outside of her house, as bullets missed her by inches while she was sleeping on her bed. People can use guns to do terrible things!

    There are about 14,500 homicides in America every year. One-third, ONE THIRD of these are committed with firearms. That makes around 4830 homicides with firearms a year in America. Our population is 314,000,000. So for every 65,000 people in America, one is murdered annually with a firearm. That is an extremely low number.

    “Obesity has been cited as a contributing factor to approximately 100,000–400,000 deaths in the United States per year.” -Wikipedia
    Blackburn, G L; Walker, W A (July 1, 2005), “Science-based solutions to obesity: What are the roles of academia, government, industry, and health care?”, The American journal of clinical nutrition (American Society for Clinical Nutrition) 82 (1): 207–210, PMID 16002821

    What I’m saying here is that homicides in general, as well as ones committed with firearms are completely blown out of proportion. 65,000:1, you’re more likely to become a millionaire.

    Folks just don’t seem to understand nowadays WHY the 2nd Amendment exists. I’ll tell you why.

    Since the dawn of civilization, humans have been governed by the person with the biggest stick. The big stick person makes sure that no one can steal his position by asserting his power over his subjects through repression. During the Enlightenment that followed the Renaissance, folks figured that if they gave all of the subjects their own sticks, they would outnumber the big stick person and force him to rule pleasantly, or suffer revolution. Now Europe was a really unpleasantly-ruled place, and some Americans didn’t like the European laws imposed on them, so they rebelled and formed their own government. In order to protect themselves from the government, citizens were allowed to own weapons.

    The 2nd Amendment is not for self-defense. It’s not for hunting. It’s for protecting yourself from abusive authority.

    “But da gubberment always does the right thing.”

    In a country where a bureau spies on its own citizens, arms its own criminals, supplies its own drug lords, a military that kills its own soldiers, and a police force that breaks its own laws, there is nothing left to rely on.

    Trusting the government is like trusting a cheating spouse. You think it’s alright, because it’s all you know. You think it won’t ever hurt you again, but it stabs you in the back every time.

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