7 comments on “FrogLube and Seal 1

  1. I can attest that what you have been told is true the the best of my knowledge. I have seen Mr Lasky screw over many of those who helped grow his company. He screwed the Axelson ( not Axelton) family out of a lot of money. Mrs Axeslon cannot be near Mr Lasky without being in fear. This is the mother of a fallen SEAL, sad that she lives in fear of another team guy.

    • Thank you for confirming my information. My source didn’t go into too much detail regarding the Axelson family, so it’s definitely interesting to hear that part of it. Why is Mrs. Axelson afraid of Mr. Lasky? Is there something more to the “vague threats” toward the Axelson family that I must have missed?

      Also, noted on the misspelling. Fixed now, but I should have double checked that one.

  2. Wow, I was wondering when someone would break this story #boycottFroglube my best friend is a team guy who said no one he knows would buy Larrys F***Lube because of what he has done. How many people must this guy step over before someone speaks up. I had a pawn shop in Jacksonville and carried FL but as soon as I herd how bad he took advantage of the people who put him where he is (Axelson and Lees) I hope more people just stop buying F***Lube on Honor alone.

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